Yves Rocher Défiligne Perte de Poids Review With Customer Comments

Défiligne Perte de PoidsDéfiligne Perte de Poids is a dietary supplement produced in capsule form and sold in packs of 30.

At the recommended dose of six capsules per day, a box will only last for five days, so it’s offers dieters a pretty expensive way to lose weight. If you looked at the name printed at the top of the box and saw the name Yves Rocher, you could be forgiven if this lead you to believe Défiligne Perte de Poids is made in France.

This is far from being the case. Although Yves Rocher is a French company that markets an extensive range of health and beauty products, the company is not responsible for developing or manufacturing any of them. Défiligne Perte de Poids is actually produced in the Netherlands in a facility owned by the Swiss company Peters Krizman.

Peters Krizman specializes in producing “white label” products. The company is very successful in this regard and is also the manufacturer of many popular European health and fitness products, including VagiMed vaginal gel and DermaForte cold sore cream.

Claims: Défiligne Perte de Poids is an appetite suppressant, it can reduce hunger and restrict daily calorie consumption

Positives: Good ingredient profile and made by a highly respectable company.

Negatives: It is our opinion that there are more effective diet products on the market

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How Défiligne Perte de Poids Works

How Défiligne Perte de Poids WorksDéfiligne Perte de Poids is an appetite suppressant. Supplements of this nature are intended to control the hunger pangs that prove to be such a challenge for many dieters.

If the formulation is capable of doing what it is supposed to do, people who buy Défiligne Perte de Poids and use the pills according to the usage guidelines should find it easier to reduce their food intake sufficiently to create a calorie shortage within the body.

When such a deficiency occurs the body responds to it by breaking down its stores of fat and using the calories that are released as an alternative source of energy. Although, Yves Rocher fails to point this out on the official product sales page, appetite suppressing formulations generally only deliver good results when they are used in conjunction with diet and exercise.

Key Ingredients and Blend Potential

Konjax The official sales page does not provide an ingredient profile or name any ingredients, but the appetite suppressing effect of Défiligne Perte de Poids is apparently provided by a plant fiber.

When we took a look at the usage guidelines we noticed the pills have to be taken with two glasses of water. Most diet products are taken with a single glass of water. Our extensive knowledge of weight loss ingredients leads us to believe the main ingredient in Défiligne Perte de Poids must be konjac.

This is a natural fiber that is sourced from the roots of a plant called elephant yam. Konjac fibers soak up water like a sponge and, once hydrated, they expand considerably. When people take konjac-providing supplements with adequate water the presence of the swollen fibers fills the digestive organs and makes the stomach feel so full it reduces hunger urges.

The ingredient has been approved by the European Food Safety Autority, but the EFSA stress konjac only works if three 1000mg doses are taken each day, before meals, with at least two glasses of water.

How to Use Défiligne Perte de Poids Three (2 capsule) doses are required each day and should be taken with two large glasses of water 60 minutes before meals. Anyone using the product for long periods of time needs to follow a cycle of 30 days on 4 days off.

Défiligne Perte de Poids Customer Comments

Customer feedback is mixed.

Some average customer comments read:

“Défiligne Perte de Poids is a good appetite suppressant and I have experienced no side effects. I’ve been using it for 3 weeks and lost 12lbs.” 

“I may feel a little less hungry since I began using this product, but not enough to make much difference. I used it for an entire month and only lost 4 pounds.” 

“These pills do suppress the appetite, but you need to exercise as well. If you don’t I doubt they will work. I jog 10km most week mornings and was losing around 4 pounds per week. The pills have helped me to increase this to 6 pounds per week.” 

“The capsules are too large to swallow easily and don’t appear to do anything at all. Not for me anyway, but it could be a metabolism thing I suppose.”

Défiligne Perte de Poids Side Effects

No side effects have been reported, but the product is unlikely to be suitable for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding a child. Anyone who has existing health issues should consult their doctor before using Défiligne Perte de Poids or any other brand of supplement. The same advice is applicable to anyone who is using medication.

Where to Buy Défiligne Perte de Poids

Défiligne Perte de Poids can be purchased from many pharmacies. It’s also available from the Yves Rocher website. A 5-day supply of pills normally costs 31,90 €. At the time of this review, the price had been reduced to 19,14 €. That’s a good saving, but this is still a pricey product to use.

What We Recommend

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