Thiomucase Quemagrasas Celulítico Review

Thiomucase Quemagrasas CelulíticoThiomucase Quemagrasas Celulítico is a dietary supplement that’s designed to reduce cellulite and, if the marketing claims are true, some users may be free from cellulite in as little as 28 days.

Although men can fall victim to cellulite as well, it’s a problem that is generally associated with women and many women who have cellulite are desperate to get rid of it. So there’s a good market for products of this nature.

However, customer reviews suggest the product may not be a good as the marketing material makes it sound and, looking at the list of ingredients, Thiomucase Quemagrasas Celulítico is probably a better option for people who want to lose weight. Even then, it is unlikely to be as effective as many of the better diet pills on the market.

Claims: Thiomucase Quemagrasas Celulítico is designed to reduce cellulite

Positives: Does contain some good ingredients, reputable company.

Negatives: Mixed customer feedback

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Thiomucase Quemagrasas Celulítico Ingredients

The manufacturer’s website does not provide any information about the ingredients used in the formulation. Some of the sites selling the product appear to do so, but there is no way to be certain the information is accurate or complete.

We were unable to find any inclusion rates, but the ingredients appear to be:

  • Cola de Caballo: A plant extract that is sometimes added to cellulite reducing creams. When used in topical products of this nature, it appears to have some degree of potential, but cola de caballo is unlikely to work in the same way when it is taken by mouth.
  • Bitter Orange: An ingredient taken from a species of citrus fruit. Bitter orange provides a fat burning stimulant called synephrine. Study results suggest diet pills that contain bitter orange/synephrine may have the ability to accelerate the fat burning process, but the ingredient is unlikely to specifically target the under-skin fat deposits that cause cellulite.
  • Chromium: A mineral that may offer value to diabetics and is often added to diet pills because it can influence post-eating insulin levels and prevent sugar spikes that could lead to a desire for sugary food.
  • Zinc: There is no evidence to suggest a link between zinc and cellulite, but some study results suggest people who do not get enough zinc in their diet may have less healthy looking skin, caused due to reduced collagen levels.
  • Chitoglucán: A patent-protected ingredient that provides extracts taken from a species of fungus. Chitoglucán was developed by Maypro and the company market it as a fat binder. Products that bind fat prevent dietary fat from being digested. They do not reduce or remove cellulite build ups that have developed underneath the skin.

Quemagrasas Celulítico Customer Reviews

Customer comments and reviews are mixed.

“I am pleased to report I have lost 2kg since I began using these pills. The cellulite on my arms and legs is also looking less pronounced.”

“I think I may have lost a 0.3kg with this product, but it’s not great as a diet pill and did absolutely nothing for my cellulite.” 

“I used Thiomucase Quemagrasas Celulítico with diet and exercise and by the time I’d finished the bottle I’d lost 3kg.” 

“The fat around my belly and waist is still there. The cellulite around my arms and thighs is still there. My money is gone because there is no guarantee. Don’t try this, try something else instead.”

Quemagrasas Celulítico Side Effects

The sites selling this product fail to say if side effects are likely to be an issue, but Thiomucase Quemagrasas Celulítico will not be suitable for pregnant or nursing mothers. Anyone who has existing health problems or concerns should always seek a doctor’s advice before using any brand of dietary supplement. The same is true for people who are using medication or planning to use this product alongside other supplements.

Usage Guidelines – One pill is required before lunch. A second is required just before the evening meal.

Manufacture and Distribution

Thiomucase Quemagrasas Celulítico is manufactured and distributed by Almirall. The company produces many pharmaceutical grade products, has been trading since 1943, and one of their products, a migraine treatment called Almotripan, was the first Spanish medicine to be approved by the FDA (USA regulatory body).

Where To Buy Quemagrasas Celulítico

It is possible to buy Quemagrasas Celulítico via many online stores, including PromoFarma and Farmacia en Casa. The price can vary from one supplier to the next and generally ranges from 26 € to 34 € per 60-capsule pack. Each pack should be good for a month, so the price is not bad. But it will still be money lost if the product fails to deliver good results because there is no money back guarantee.

The Verdict

If the information some websites present about the ingredients is correct, the Thiomucase Quemagrasas Celulítico formulation contains a few ingredients that may assist weight loss, but we do not think the formula will be capable of ridding the body of cellulite.

People who use the pills in conjunction with diet and exercise for a sufficient length of time may find they start losing cellulite because it’s a fat deposit that forms underneath the skin.

But such results would be secondary in nature and people who used diet and exercise alongside any reasonably effective diet pill would probably experience a similar loss of cellulite.

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