Apidexin Review, Does It Work, Customer Complaints

Apidexin is an over the counter, comercial fat burning diet pill designed to aid weight loss quickly and safely.

The official website suggests it has been voted the best diet pill 3 years running – but by whom is a mystery.

Apidexin has been available since around 2008 and its marketing material has got less and imaginative as time has evolved – we distinctly remember seeing a more bold statement on previous incantations of the official site.

Either way read the review and decide if this product is one worth using.

Claims:  To be able to help you discover a thinner you but reducing your appetite and burning fat.

Positives: Does contain Irvingia Gabonensis (aka African Mango)

Negatives: Lots of unsubstantiated ingredients. Poor consumer reviews from both a product and customer service perspective

Apidexin Review, How Does It Work

The product is manufactured in a capsule form, and it is designed to help customers lose weight quickly by regulating their blood sugar levels and increasing their metabolism rate.

The combination of increasing metabolism rates and regulating blood levels is supposed help customers decrease their appetite and also develop leaner muscles. This in turn will help the body produce less levels of fat.

On average, customers are supposed to lose between two to four pounds per week.

However, the company that produces Apidexin does not have any clinical results or case studies to back up these claims.

What are the Ingredients

In regards to the ingredients used to make Apidexin, some of these include thermodiamine, forslean, bioperine, fucoxanthin, lipolide and razberri.

The main function of the thermodiamine ingredient is to burn body fat, and the main function of the lipolide ingredient is to increase metabolism activity.

The function of razzberri is to reduce the amount of fat the body produces, and bioperine is to improve the way the body absorbs nutrients.

Press Coverage and Media

In terms of the type of press coverage Apidexin has received in recent months, the majority of it unfortunately has been very negative. Some of these negative press stories have been from prominent online health blogs and magazines.

Many of these stories have made references to the ineffectiveness of the Apidexin diet pill in helping customers lose weight. In addition, there have also been several online stories that have referenced Apidexin’s strong negative side effects.

The information featured in these stories is very helpful to anyone that may be considering purchasing an over-the-counter diet drug in the near future.

Apidexin Customer Success Stories or Complaints

Along with online press stories, there have also been a significant number of negative online customer testimonials regarding the Apidexin weight loss product. Some of these testimonials have consisted of customers who have used this diet product and have seen absolutely no results.

For example, there are several online reviews from recent customers who do not recommend purchasing this product at all, because based on their personal experience, the Apidexin diet pill does not do any of the things it advertises. This includes burning body fat and regulating blood sugar levels.

There are also other online reviews that make reference to customers experiencing an increased appetite level as a result of taking the Apidexin diet pill. While there have been a few positive online testimonials in recent months, the overall majority, as you can see, have been extremely negative.

There have also been numerous reports of customer receiving their package extremely late or not at all.

Apidexin Side Effects

In regards to side effects reported by customers, some of these have included a nauseous sickness feeling, moderate bloating, persistent belching, loose bowel movements, slight dizzy spells and frequent headaches.

Those who reported persistent belching and loose bowel movements experienced these symptoms right after they took a pill early in the morning. They complained that for the rest of the day they would experience embarrassing episodes of belching, and also very frequent trips to the bathroom.

For those who reported experiencing headaches and bloating, this was usually reported from women who took a pill right before dinner. Some women reported that their frequent headaches often prevented them from doing normal everyday things like going to work or playing with their kids.

In addition to women, many men have also reported side effects from taking Apidexin, which has included raised blood pressure levels and also difficulty sleeping. Some men reported that their blood pressure level actually got so high that they had a hard time focusing and breathing.

It is for these reasons that anyone considering purchasing Apidexin to lose weight should carefully read all the online customer testimonials, including the long list of potential side effects.

Does Apidexin Work

After reading all the above information, it would be hard to recommend Apidexin as a reliable and safe source for losing weight. This opinion is based on the product’s inability to help customers lose excess inches and pounds, and also based on the fact that many of the advertised benefits have proven to be false.

In addition to this, the final opinion about this product is also based on the long list of potential side effects. These side effects could potentially be very dangerous, especially for people who have blood pressure issues and digestive problems, and also to individuals who are extremely overweight.

The recommendation against purchasing Apidexin is also supported by the fact that the product has not been tested in any clinical trials, and that there is no official government certification that the product is safe.

Apidexin UK Stockists, High Street And Online

There is no high street stockist in the UK, if you live in Great Britain then ordering online is the only option. High street reseller such as Boots or Holland and Barrett will not stock.

The official website is an obvious place to buy. Other suppliers include Amazon and eBay – although we have suggested on numerous occasions to avoid ordering diet supplements from eBay or Amazon.

Alternative Fat Burners

capsiplexnewCapsiplex is a different class. It is a fat burner that has real clinical evidence behind it. It used the heat from chili pepper to cause a thermogenic reaction and mobilse fat cells

The manufacturers claim that a single tablet can burn as many calories as swimming for 30 minutes or cycling for 40 minutes.

Upom its release it sold over 50,000 units completely depleting stock levels within 3 days

Read the review about Capsiplex here

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