Prescopodene, UK’s Most Powerful Diet Pill?

Prescopodene UKPrescopodene is available in The UK, the US, Australia and Canada. There is an official site for each of its target countries with very bold statements such as “is this America’s most powerful diet pill?’ – similarly with the UK, Australia and Canadian sites.

The website(s) are very clean and look very good but once you get past the initial cosmetics the product starts to show in inadequacies.

There are too many ridiculous and unsubstantiated claims made to give this any sort of recommendation.

Claims:  America’s, UK’s, Australia’s, Canada’s most powerful diet pill. 587 calories burnt daily, 451 less calories consumed. Average weight loss 2.5st

Positives: Lovely looking website

Negatives:  Wild, spurious claims with figures that appear to me picked at random.

Prescopeden Review, How it Works

The claim is that Prescopodene suppresses appetite and increases your body’s metabolism to burn fat.

Nothing about that statement is illogical; by consuming fewer calories and increasing the number of calories your body is using for energy, you will lose weight. This is simple and straightforward enough.

The biggest issue is that every article and bit of info surrounding Prescopodene does its best to avoid the topic of what its ingredients are, and what it really does. Instead, it seems to work by leading you in circles on their webpage with buzzwords, until you’re burnt out. That is perhaps one way to lose weight.

What are the Ingredients

The main ingredient in Prescopodene is Advantra Z. By utilizing Advantra Z, Prescopodene hopes to forego many of the dangerous side effects of other dietary active ingredients, such as heart attacks.

In addition to this, you will find ascorbic acid, pyridoxine, green tea, and citrus aurantium. What are actually much less impressive than what Prescopodene tries to list them as.

This breaks down to vitamin C, vitamin B6, green tea, and what amounts to a placebo respectively. In other words, Prescopodene’s ingredients consist of a vitamin pill and a placebo.

News Reports And Media Highlights

There has been nothing in the media form either side of the Atlantic, nor Australia – this despite a big ‘As Seen On” BBC, Sky. ITV and Channel 4 banners on the website.

For the most part, all of the news surrounding Prescopodene is self-generated by the company, or painfully geared towards selling you the product. In other words, there is no positive independent press, just one big ad trying to sell you their product.

Prescopodene Customer Success Stories or Testimonials

There are, however, actually success stories that follow from Prescopodene. This may be shocking and surprising considering how little the ingredients of the diet pill actually do.

The reason why is because that is exactly how placebos work. The placebo effect can cause the same outcome as the real thing if you believe that it actually works.

So while there are some testimonials that Prescopodene works wonders and will magically make fat burn off of your body without any work or change in lifestyle, the truth is that these people probably did all of the work themselves. The pill just gave them the confidence that they needed to pull it off.

In addition to this, many of the testimonials seem flat out fake. The doctors that Prescopodene used for endorsement supposedly do not have a medical doctorate degree, but instead have a PhD. That means they are dietary doctors (if they are real).

Prescopodene Side Effects

What are you actually getting from taking Prescopodene? The fact of the matter is that you are getting an increased chance of stroke with the awesome fat-burning power of a placebo. The main active ingredient, Prescopodene, Advantra Z, is shown to increase the chance of stroke for those who take it. That is not a whole lot of good in exchange for a lot of bad.

Does Prescopodene Work

The short answer to this question is ‘no’. The longer answer is that Prescopodene appears to have no valid evidence to support its claims. In addition to this, it makes wild claims that are impossible to back up. Prescopodene says that you can lose weight without changing your diet, exercising, or making any lifestyle changes at all. This is not how the body removes fat, builds muscle, or generally uses energy.

The scientific reports that Prescopodene offer to back it up also do not seem to exist anywhere. The authors that published the report simply do not exist. The reports do not exist in any medical journals or scientific journals either. The only place that they do exist is on the ad for Prescopodene.

This means that the entire deal is more or less impossible to swallow. Its claims are too large without any substantial evidence and its primary goal is to force a product on you. No actual medical practitioners back Prescopodene, and there is no science to what it is doing. Its ingredients also do nothing, and have been proven to have negligible benefits. It is a diet pill to avoid.

Where To Buy Prescopodene In the UK

Solely available through the official UK website. There is not a high street stockist.

Boots, Superdrug or any large big brand pharmacy or chemist would not stock, nor would supermarkets such as Tesco or Sainsbury.

Recommended Alternative

Raspberry Ketone Plus UKRaspberry Ketone Plus is the most popular commercial diet pill in the UK, the USA, Canada and Australia currently with glowing testimonies from experts within the industry as well as satisfied customers.

The company responsible for production are highly proficient at getting feedback and boast an 84% re-order rate.

With a growing number of dubious products in circulation Raspberry Ketone Plus has just about everything you could want from a commercial diet pill

Read Raspberry Ketone review here


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  1. This is very alarming as I placed an order for 6 bottles 2a month ago. I’m not sure as to why but I’m getting fair results out of using this pill. I went to see a doctor to ask if it’s still safe to take this but he told me to continue taking it a sit worked for me and no bnormalities on my body has been seen.I can’t use raspberry as my doctor told me I have allergies in it. Might be a problem. What else then is effective that I can use.

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