Apidextra Review – Does Apidextra Work, Side Effects, Stockists UK

Apidextra UK ReviewIt’s tough losing weight, even for those with fast-acting metabolisms and good will power, burning fat and keeping it off can be a real struggle. Just being able to make a stride towards a weight goal can seem very hard and this makes the goal itself seem completely unattainable. Of course, most of this comes out of impatience and frustration, but the obstacles are real and difficult to overcome.

Women, especially during child-bearing years, really struggle to stay slim, and there’s not a shortage of messages telling them to be thinner. Of course, this does not mean that everybody should not watch their weight, as it is a health issue first and foremost. Women, however, are particularly prone to dieting, and this is why a good number of dietary supplements are marketed towards them.

This includes Apidextra, a weight loss supplement that claims to speed up the process of burning body fat with clinically proven ingredients. While this product is not specifically labelled for women, the overall theme of the marketing is towards the feminine market.

Apidextra Website UKClaims:  To help you increase metabolism, burn fat and suppress appetite …or your money back

Positives: Does contain Irvingia Gabonensis (aka African Mango)

Negatives: Lots of unsubstantiated ingredients. Poor consumer reviews from both a product and customer service perspective


How does Apidextra Work

What Apidextra hopes to achieve is surprisingly basic in comparison to other diet pills – they simply state that the collective ingredients will burn body fat. Typically a course of action is outlined, detailing the numerous ways in which the pill will work, but with Apidextra they seem to be keeping it simple.

Even though this does mean that it has been stripped of some superfluous claims, it also means it’s too bare on the firm details to really understand how this product works. An educated guess can be made based on the ingredients, however.

What are the Ingredients

Ingredients include: green tea, Irvingia Gabonensis, Coenzyme Q10, caffeine, vitamin C, olive leaf extract. It does not state whether or not these are the only ingredients, or the exact amount of each of these ingredients.

They claim that these products are clinically proven, and they cite many clinical studies – however, they only reveal one of the studies. It’s true that some of these are clinically proven, green tea especially has a long, ancient history of cleansing properties.

However, this does not necessarily mean that Apidextra is going to be effective, as they give no sign as to how much green tea is involved, and where the green tea has been sourced.

Apidextra in the Press

Apidextra appears to be one of the better known diet pills, as it has received a fair amount of press attention through well-known health and lifestyle websites, as well as TV spots and printed sponsors. However, it should be noted that the unbiased press reaction has not been completely positive.

Apidextra Customer Success Stories or Testimonials

General customer reviews for Apidextra have not been particularly good. Those with a strong negative response say that they experienced no significant weight loss, and that it simply made them feel somewhat fatigued (likely due to the caffeine).

Others have said they experienced no weight loss and no side effects, which puts the amount of active ingredients in each pill into question. The lack of serious reviews regarding Apidextra indicates that it is a flash in the pan pill that has been abandoned by many before using it seriously in a long term capacity.

Apidextra Side Effects

The official website reports no side effects. This is possible, but somewhat unlikely. The caffeine in the pill should be producing feelings of upset stomach, headaches and maybe light-headedness – that is, of course, if the levels of caffeine are worthwhile. The secondary possibility is that the levels of caffeine are negligible, which would explain the lack of side effects.

Does Apidextra Work

All signs point to no. It can be very difficult to separate the good diet pills from the bad ones when there is no firm evidence against the bad ones. However, there are symptoms to look for that indicate a poor quality pill. A lot of this is in the details, such as the marketing employed by the company.

Apidextra makes some big claims and fails to back them up with real evidence, they do not go into meaningful detail about the contents or how it works, and there is no listed business address for the company. These are all hallmarks of a diet pill scam.

One should also take into account the lack of evidence to support their claims from customers – supplement takers are not shy about sharing good experiences, so if this pill really was effective, it’s fair to say the reaction would be a lot louder.

With all the hallmarks of an ineffective scam pill, potential supplement buyers are advised to do some research and discover of the other diet pills that are clinically proven and have a good reputation.


Where To Buy Apidextra In The UK

Ordering is restricted to their own official website. There is no high street outlet or stockist  in the UK (Boots, Superdrug and Holland and Barrett are not likely to stock).

From time time to time the official website does run promotion by way of coupon codes where you can order at a discounted price.

Alternative Diet Pills To Consider

capsiplexnewCapsiplex is premium diet supplement that is available to buy without prescription. It is a fat burner that uses the heat from chili pepper to help burn excess calories. The manufacturers suggest that 280 calories can be burned per capsule.

When Capsiplex was first introduced to the UK marketplace it sold out after just a few days causing a media furore. Capisplex is highly recommended and has been associated  with several high profile celebrities

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