Beach Body Drops – Does it work, how does it compare to Activ8 X

Beach Body Diet DropsAccording to a statement on their Facebook page, Beach Body Drops are “the USA product taking the UK by storm”, but no further information is provided about the company on either their Facebook page or the Beach Body Drops website and there appears to be so little interest in the product that the so-called storm can only be a storm in a teacup and must surely have originated in the company’s marketing department.

All sales are conducted via the official product website, but the site regularly displays error messages instead of content, so potential customers may find it difficult to make a purchase and it unclear why any US Company would choose to market their product solely in the UK instead of in their home country or elsewhere in the world.

Beach body diet drops websiteClaims:  To help you lose weight and maintain your weight loss

Positives: Some good ingredients, diet drops can be very effective. 

Negatives: Products lacks customer interaction. In our opinion if you planning on buying a diet drop product buy the excellent Activ8 X

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Diet pills not to buy

What are Beach Body Drops and how do they Work?

As the name suggests, Beach Body drops are a dietary supplement produced in liquid form.  The drops appear to be primarily designed to work as a fat burner. Some of the ingredients may also have the potential to suppress the appetite and help speed up the metabolism, but with 21 ingredients crammed into the blend it seems likely they will be too diluted to offer any real benefits.

Three steps are involved in the Beach Body Drops dieting process.

  1. Dieters must stick to the permitted foods.
  2. Take regular exercise and track the amount of calories burned.
  3. The amount of calories burned should be multiplied by 0.75. The results of the calculation will indicate the amount of calories that are allowed for the rest of the day.

Beach Body Drops Key Ingredients 

  • Green Tea:  The fat burning potential of green tea has been the subjects of many scientific studies, a number of which suggest the ingredient’s fat-fighting reputation should not be taken lightly.
  • Chromium:  An extremely overrated fat burning ingredient that became popular during the 1950s and remains a common diet pill inclusion despite the fact that it has failed miserably in recent tests.
  • African Mango:  A super fruit ingredient that has been linked to weight losses of up to 28 lbs. in 10 weeks, but the lack of inclusion rates makes it impossible to say what benefits it may provide here.
  • Beta Alanine: An amino acid that may improve muscle tone.
  • Tyrosine:  An amino acid that may provide appetite suppression and boost the metabolism, but further study is required.
  • Ginseng:  A powerful herb that can deliver all manner of health benefits. Some studies suggest one of those benefits may be appetite suppression.

Usage Instructions

Users are required to consume 10 to 20 doses each day, using the supplied pipette. This should provide a total daily dosage of 1.5ml.

For the first two days users should ensure they eat a sufficient quantity of food (sugar and fat included). The diet proper begins on day three and lasts until 72 hours after the final drops have been taken. After completion of the diet normal eating is allowed, but starchy and sugary foods should be avoided for three weeks.

Possible Side Effects and Health Consideration

Some of the ingredients used in the formulation may make the drops unsuitable for pregnant and nursing mothers. Anyone who has any existing or suspected health problems should seek medical advice prior to use.

Beach Body Drops Customer Feedback

Our searches failed to discover any independent product feedback.

Other Notable Issues

The Beach Body Drops Facebook page was created in March 2013 and used to be updated regularly, often on a daily basis. At the time of this review the last page update was January 6, 2014. This could suggest that the manufacturer has given up on, or may be losing interest in, the product. The fact that the product website is often unavailable could be seen as a further indication of this and it is entirely possible that Beach Body Drops are a product on the way out. If this is so it raises question about the likelihood of the money back guarantee being honoured.

The Bottom Line

Many women dream of attaining their perfect beach body, and—though they may be coy in admitting it—men do too, but Beach Body Drops are unlikely to make those dreams come true. The formulation contains a few good ingredients, but without any inclusion rates it is impossible to predict what benefits use of the drops may provide. With so many ingredients involved though, it is probable that none of them will be included in sufficient quantity to secure the promised results.

Customer feedback is not available and purchasing options are looking increasingly shaky and may soon be none existent. For these and many more reasons Beach Body Diet Drops is a rejected product.

Beach Body Drops Product Pricing and Guarantee

A 30 day money back guarantee is offered and customers also receive a free eBook containing information to help support them in the pursuit of their weight loss goals, but, at £23 for a (60ml) bottle, the drops are not one of the cheapest dieting options available. Bulk buy discounts are available, but any savings made will be minimal.

Recommended Alternative

Activ8 X diet drops reviewAs mentioned above, diet drops are relatively new to the market but a highly effective way of introducing ingredients without the need to swallow slimming pills or capsules.

The best example of a diet drop products is Active8 X – the accompanying 80 page diet booklet is thorough and comprehensive.

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