The Caveman Diet – What Is It, How Does It Work And Is It Effective

The Caveman Diet ExplainedIf you think about it, none of our early ancestors had a pot bellied physique in their renditions of everyday life through their cave paintings.

They must have been doing something right to have such lean bodies. In reality, their diet must have been full of fiber and less fat as cooking with a high fat content was something that came about many civilizations later.

They survived against the wildest of natural elements and needed to keep fit and strong at all costs. It is this concept the underlines the Caveman Diet that is such a rage today.

Those who support the theory believe that our bodies are genetically programmed or better attuned to this kind of diet. It is stepping away from natural food that has led to obesity and other ailments.

Also called the Paleolithic diet, the Caveman Diet takes us back to the Stone Age when humans survived on plants and animals eaten in their raw or nearly raw stage.

The diet is designed to fill our belies more, provide the body with more energy, burn fat very fast and boost up the immune system big time.

And because it stresses on the natural state of things you can design your diet with ready to eat natural food and stick to the diet even on the run which enables better and long term results. You will also learn to appreciate foods in their natural state and develop better taste buds.

Caveman diet what to eat

What is the Caveman Diet

The Caveman Diet is focused at restoring the lost balance between the body and nutrition. By going back to basics and eating as our ancestors did we can reject all unhealthy consumption and cleanse the body from the poisonous junk that is associated with modern foods and modern cooking.

Through this diet one can get back the lost strength and fortitude that marked the early man and enabled him to win the race of survival against the ferocious force of nature. The diet enables one to appreciate and eventually crave healthy food. It teaches one to eat less but eat at regular intervals.

The effect is not just seen in weight loss and a trimmer physique but lowering of blood sugar levels, reduction of toxins form the body and burning off the stubborn excess fat.

Grains and grain-like foods should be avoided completely. Pizza is also to be avoided when cooked the conventional way.

A look at the Caveman Diet plan:

Fruits: We have it one good source that one of the first things man ate was a fruit! So it is not hard to understand why fruits are such an important part of this diet plan. However, since we know much more about fruits these days you can safely assume that fruits which contain too much of natural sugar should be avoided or taken less.

Meats and Eggs: Ancient man ate a lot of meat. Their cave paintings say it all. They hunted and they roasted (sometimes not) and they ate. Even large animals were no match for their hunting skills. This means that they had more than a healthy dose of proteins in their everyday meal which was the reason why they had such lean muscle mass and inner body strength. Keeping this in mind you can add meat and eggs to your diet but opt for organic versions to stay as close to the original concept as possible.

Vegetables: Any vegetable that can be eaten in its raw form should be included. But all organic veggies that you can steam or lightly toss are good additions too. The making of the dish might differ from the paleolithic style but the concept of the natural and green is real and close enough.

Nuts and Seeds: There is debate on this but any nuts and seeds that you can eat in the raw or natural form are welcome additions to the diet. Makes great snacking aids.

To prepare your food you can use plant based oils to stick as close to the natural state as possible. Some even use fish oil to cook their food as it is also naturally derived.

Water is the best beverage to complement the Caveman Diet and one should have at least 8-10 glasses a day. But we have evolved too far ahead to completely do without any kind of beverage. Include organic tea or decaffeinated coffee for your beverage fixes and avoid alcohol, at least as long as you are on the diet.

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