Fat Blaster Fat Magnet Review Pros and Cons

Fat Magnet UKFat Magnet is a fat binding supplement manufactured in Australia by Naturopathica and distributed under the Fat Blaster brand name. It’s easy enough to buy from Holland & Barrett but doesn’t appear to be available from any other UK outlets.

As the name suggests, Fat Magnet is designed to attract dietary fat and stick to it like a magnet. All fat binders work in this way, the only big difference is most of them don’t have such an appropriate name. When dietary fat is bound to a good fat binder, it cannot be digested and does not release any calories.

Claims: Fat Magnet is designed to attract dietary fat and stick to it like a magnet

Positives: Does contain some good ingredients, reputable company.

Negatives: Mixed customer feedback

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Fat Magnet Promised Benefits

  • Strips fat while helping to maintain normal vitamin levels
  • Binds 60 times its own weight in dietary fat
  • Blocks 3 times more fat than the UK’s leading brand

Key Ingredients and Blend Potential

Each capsule contains unspecified amounts of:

  • Lipomyl (Chitosan)
  • Magnesium Stearate
  • Silicon Dioxide
  • Hypromellose
  • Titanium dioxide

Magnesium stearate is often added to pills because it has lubricating properties that allow it to prevent the formulation from sticking to the machinery used in the blending process. Silicon dioxide is an anti-caking agent.

Hypromellose and titanium oxide are used in the capsule casing as an alternative to gelatin. Lipomyl is the only active ingredient. We were unable to find any information about it online, but Lipomyl is used in a number of other fat blocking products and is apparently a proprietary blend of chitosan.

What is Chitosan?

what is chitosanChitosan is generally obtained from the shells of lobsters, crabs, and other sea-living crustaceans. It’s not suitable for vegetarians or for anyone with a seafood allergy.

It’s also possible to obtain chitosan from a species of fungus (aspergillus niger). The Holland & Barrett sales page states Fat Magnet is suitable for vegetarians. Presuming the statement has not been added in error, it seems likely that the chitosan in Lipomyl has been obtained from this source.

How Does Chitosan Help People to Lose Weight?

The human digestive system cannot process or absorb chitosan, so it passes through the body untouched and exits with the faeces. Chitosan has the ability to attract dietary fats and bind with them within the stomach.

The resulting compound cannot be digested either, so in some ways, chitosan could be seen as a substance that acts as a shield and protects fat from the digestive enzymes.

Fat contains nine calories per gram, so chitosan has much to offer as a dietary aid. However, customer reviews of products containing Lipomyl tend to suggest it is not a particularly potent form of chitosan.

How to Use – The required dosage is two capsules, three times per day. The capsules should be taken before meals and washed down with a large glass of water. It’s important not to chew the capsules or allow them to dissolve in the mouth. They must always be swallowed whole.

Fat Magnet Customer Comments

A few sample reviews read:

“Top product! If you need a good diet pill buy Fat Magnet. It helped me to lose 12 pounds in only 2 weeks.” 

“Holland and Barrett make these pills sound better than they are. I took them for a fortnight and lost no weight at all.” 

“Fat Magnet is a good fat blocking pill, but only if you take double the amount you are meant to. I took 4 pills at a time instead of 2 and lost 3 kilos in a month.” 

“I took these pills for a month and didn’t lose any weight at all. What a waste of money.”

Fat Magnet Side Effects & Health Considerations

Fat Magnet is unsuitable for people under 18 years of age, for women who are pregnant, or for mothers nursing a child. People who have existing health issues, or are using medication, should ask their doctor’s approval before using Fat Magnet to try and lose weight.

Fat binder usage generally causes the stool to become softer and greasier. This is generally not a problem, but anyone who uses a fat binder alongside a diet that is high in fat will give the fat binder more fat to block. This can result in unexpected bouts of diarrhoea that occur so fast the undergarments may be soiled.

Dietary fat contains a number of vitamins the body needs, but is unlikely to attain from elsewhere, so fat binder usage can lead to dietary deficiencies. For this reason, it is generally good practice to use vitamin pills to nip the problem in the bud. The Fat Magnet marketing material states the product can help maintain normal vitamin levels, but this seems unlikely.

Where to Buy Fat Blaster Fat Magnet

It’s possible to buy Fat Magnet in-store or online from Holland & Barrett.

Two pack sizes are available:

  • 90 capsules (£35.99)
  • 180 capsules (£64.99)

The price doesn’t seem that bad until you do the maths and realize anyone who uses the recommended dose of six capsules each day will speed through 90 capsules in only 15 days.


Fat Blaster Fat Magnet is not backed by a manufacturer’s guarantee.

The Verdict

Chitosan is a good fat binder, but the fact that we were unable to find any information about the proprietary blend used in Fat Magnet does not build our confidence. Although it is more powerful, the chitosan sourced from fungi is not used as often as the chitosan taken from crustaceans, so we are very sceptical about the claim that Fat Magnet is suitable for vegetarians.

The fact that the formulation does not appear to work well for some people is also a cause for concern because it’s not a cheap diet pill and there is no money back guarantee.

Fat binders only have the ability to block dietary fat and, although this can be good for lowering the daily calorie intake, products that take a single approach to weight loss never compare well to products that offer multiple benefits, such as appetite suppression and faster metabolism.

If a weakness for fatty food is holding you back and preventing you from losing weight, Fat Blaster Fat Magnet might be worth a shot, but we do not feel it is the best option available. Many alternative products can beat it on price and provide better results as well.

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