Green Coffee Bean Diet Pills – Extra Strength From Evolution Slimming

Green Coffee Bean Extract tabletsGreen coffee has been featuring in the worlds media heavily with the emergence of several new brands containing green coffee bean extract. One such product is Green Coffee Extra Strength from UK based Evolution Slimming.

There have been many independent scientific clinical trials undertaken over the last years on the effect the bean extract has on fat burning and weight loss. To say it has been impressive is an understatement.

We take a closer look at the Evolution Slimming Branded product

Green coffee capsules evolution slimming websiteClaims:  To burn fat incredibly efficiently and aid the detox process

Positives: Just about anyone who is anyone in the diet industry is being very positive

Negatives:  30 day guarantee could be longer – although this is a minor gripe.

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What Are Green Coffee Beans

Green Coffee Beans unroastedGreen coffee beans are just the same as the beans you would grind for your morning coffee with the difference being that the ‘green’ variety are in their natural, raw and pre-roasted form.

The beans contain a substance called chlorogenic acids, including one that happens to be a potent natural for mobiliser called 5-caffeoylquinic acid.

Unroasted beans, it has been discovered possess incredible fat burning potential and can also provide an anti-oxidant benefit.

The results of one clinical study revealed a mean weight loss of 17lbs in 22 weeks !

What Are Its Benefits

  • Can help the body burn existing fat by mobilising body fat that congregates in the usual hotspots such as waist, stomach, upper arms and legs.
  • Prevents fat storage and the accumulation of newly acquired body fat.
  • Can help to suppress appetite helping you reach fullness quicker which in turn significantly reduced your calorie intake.
  • It helps the maintenance and regeneration of healthy cells and can lead to anti-aging  benefits.

In The Media Press Highlights

Hardly a week goes by without some press publication or organisation producing a story connected to green coffee.

Arguably the catalyst that started the media circus was a combination of a Fox News report that seemed to stem from US TV doctor Mehmet Oz (Dr Oz) show that featured green coffee.

The excerpt below taken from a US news channel ABC

Clinical Proof

There are numerous studies associated and attached to green coffee. Typical studies are similar findings to the one below.

Clinical study on Green Coffee

Potential Side Effects

There shouldn’t be any side effects if taken as directed by the enclosed usage instruction. Although there is caffeine present there will be the jittery feeling caused by the roasted variety.

Where To Buy Green Coffee Extra Strength

Green Coffee Bean Extract tablets
Available exclusively through the Evolution Slimming website. Evolution Slimming are based in Canterbury and are viewed as one of if not the premier independent online health supplement retailer.

Green Coffee Extra Strength is made by them and sells for £19.99 for a month supply. There are 90 capsules and each seving is 2000mg making it the highest strength available in the UK.

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