Maxitone SculptressTablets Review

Sculptress tabletsMaxitone have a comprehensive range of diet and weight loss products that are particularly focused towards women.

Their portfolio consists of slimming bars, weight loss drinks and slimming tablets.

Sculptress, the diet tablet, is a popular product in the UK with no small thanks to its presence in Holland and Barrett stores.

Familiar it may be but is it worth a purchase?

Maxitone official websiteClaims:  To be at the forefront of female nutrition

Positives: From a reputable manufacturer with a good range of weight loss products.

Negatives:  Sculptress tablets are not as effective as the product they compete against

Diet pills not to buy

Sculptress Review, What Are They

Sculptress tablets reviewQuite possibly the flagship product in the entire Maxitone range, it is a diet tablet that is best taken three times a day.

The product usually comes in packs/bottles of 21 – each pack/bottle should last around a week and costs around £10.

Initially £10 per pack seems to be quite cheap but when you budget 4 packs a months it become £40 a month which is slightly on the high side – or about average for a premium product, which sadly Sculptress doesn’t appear to be.

How Do Sculptress Tablets Work

Maxitone Sculptress capsulesIt is a fat burner by definition and targets stubborn body fat that congregate in troublesome hotspots such as: stomach, waist, upper thighs, upper arm and buttocks.

The manufacturers quite responsibly advise to be used in combination with a healthy diet and exercise. The manufacturers also advise that one tablet is to be taken three times a day – this will help providing a mental boost and raise alertness.

The ingredients included are: guarana, caffeine, B vitamins and chromium, as well as green tea extract, bitter orange peel, L-tyrosine, black pepper extract and cayenne extract.

Green tea and cayenne pepper are known fat burners and the pick of the ingredients.

Sculptress Tablets Side Effects

Although there are no reported or documented side effects – one ingredient bitter orange peel, also know as synephrine has been linked to some rather unpleasant side effects.

Read this entry from Wikipeadia about Bitter Orange

Any Media Highlights or Press Exposure

Press coverage is muted to say the least – Maxitone do not court the media in a way that perhaps their reputation would allow.

Sculptress Testimonials, Success Stories And Results

A worry from a consumer point of view is the lack interest from satisfied customers. The official website (the Maxishop) has a tab for users to leave comments – this is blank, not even one comment.

Are They Recommended

Although the company and brand have a good reputation the capsule product is hard to recommend purely due to the level competition it competes against.

If you are looking for a weight loss product that can help to get rid of you stubborn body fat from the problem areas there are several other products that do this almost to perfection.

Diet pills not to buy

Where To Buy, Stockists

The complete range is available via the official Maxishop website. Also available from some reputable high street stockists such Holland and Barrett and online at

Recommended Diet Tablets

Capsiplex fat burner UKAs mentioned above cayenne pepper is a standout ingredient that has been best used by Capsiplex.

Known affectionately as the chili diet pill, Capsiplex has been a huge success in many countries across the world.

Capsiplex is also used by one or two well known celebrities.

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