Forza T5 Super Strength Review, Does it work, where to buy

Forza T5 Super StrengthForza T5 is a fat burning supplement manufactured in the UK by Forza Supplements.

The company has been producing dietary supplements since 2007 and has already built up an enviable reputation as a supplier of quality health and fitness supplements.

T5 is one of their early products and is designed to work both as a slimming aid and as a pre-workout energy supplement.

Forza T5 now  with AcaiClaims:  To be the leading and most popular T5 fat burner

Positives: In all probability IS the leading and most popular T5 fat burner


Negatives: Uses the media to good effect shall we say.

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Forza T5 Super Strength 

Official website for Forza T5 Super strengthOften appearing in the press (Daily Mail, Daily Express), the people at Forza certainly know how to work the press.

The use of a ripped and toned male model to spearhead the T5 advertising campaign suggests that Forza are hoping to target a predominantly male customer base for T5, but there is no reason why women could not use it as well.

A single tub of 60 T5 Super Strength capsules costs £34 from authorised stockists, and the product also appears to be available to buy from Amazon and eBay, but the authenticity of dietary products bought from either of these online marketplaces is never easy to ascertain.

Purchases made from authorised stockists such as are therefore a more advisable option, but the product seems to be sold without the benefit of a money back guarantee.

Dosage – How To Take

The capsules should be taken with water. Users who are taking T5 as an aid to weight loss should take 2 capsules in the morning, and one in the afternoon. If a pre-workout energy boost is required, 2 capsules should be taken half an hour before exercise, but 4 capsules a day should never be exceeded. People who have difficulty sleeping are advised not to take the capsules after 3 pm.

Forza T5 Results

Forza T5 Super Strength capsules are designed to promote thermogenesis (converting excess calories into heat and expending them as thermal energy instead of storing them as fat).  The process provides increased calorie burning, even while resting, and encourages the oxidization of stored body fat which is then used for energy.

Key Ingredients

The blend contains a few fillers and colorants, but the main active ingredients are:

Caffeine (185mg):  A proven stimulant that should provide some extra energy and focus.
L-Tyrosine (125mg): An amino acid that has been linked to effective thyroxin synthesis and is believed to increase the metabolic rate.
Green Tea (100mg): Further study is required, but green tea has an enviable reputation for assisting fat burning.
Niacin (60mg):  Believed to assist the body’s metabolic process.
Spirulina (40mg): An algae that is rich in nutrients, and may boost the immune system, but is not generally associated with weight loss; so the reason for its inclusion here is hard to say.
L-Taurine (20mg): An amino acid that may enhance metabolic function and encourage fat burning.
Guarana (12mg):  A rich source of caffeine that is released into the body more slowly than other forms of caffeine and can provide longer periods of stimulation.
Iron (10mg):  Beneficial to the body in many ways, but not generally associated with weight loss.
Chromium (130µg):  Studies conducted on rats indicate chromium may assist fat burning, but the inclusion rate here may be a little low.
Iodine (120µg):  Correct thyroid function is known to be a contributing factor to successful weight loss, so iodine is probably included here because of its ability to promote healthy thyroid function.
Often appearing in the press (Daily Mail, Daily Express), the people at Forza certainly know how to work the press.

Media Focus

Forza T5 Super Strength has received a significant amount of media attention for being the favored supplement of Spencer Matthews, whose ripped and toned physique graced the cover of Men’s Health magazine. Six weeks prior to the shoot Spencer was a 13 stone 8lbs and very out of shape. Much of Spencer’s success can probably be attributed to the strict diet and grueling workout routine recommended by  Men’s Health‘s fitness expert, Shaun Stafford, but the fact that T5 was Stafford’s chosen supplement probably speaks volumes for its reputation amongst weight loss experts.

T5 Spencer daily mail

Customer Feedback

Although there are a few nay-sayers, independent reviews are predominantly positive.

“I have been using these for a few weeks now and certainly feel the benefits. I have 2 in the morning and one at lunch time which curbs the hunger and certainly gives me an extra energy boost when I attend the gym. I haven’t had any side effects and would certainly recommend them!”

Forza T5 Side Effects

Forza state that T5 is not suitable for pregnant or nursing mothers, anyone under 18 years of age, or people who have known medical problems or are taking medication. They further state that side effects are rare if the supplement is used in the recommended manner, but suggest seeking medical advice if adverse reactions are experienced.

The Bottom Line

Forza are a respected manufacturer of dietary supplements and, although the lack of a money back guarantee is a little disappointing, T5 Super Strength appears to be one of their more popular and longstanding products. The high level of caffeine may make the blend unsuitable for caffeine-sensitive users, but the majority of users should be able to use T5 with little or no issue. Customer feedback suggests an effective blend, and T5 is readily available from a variety of sources, is reasonably priced, and ticks all the boxes necessary for it to be recommended for weight loss and/or for use as a training aid.

Where To Buy Forza T5 Super Strength

Forza T5 now  with AcaiAs mentioned above is an authorised stockist that serves the UK, US, Canada and Australia as well as several other European countries.

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