Appatrol Appetite Suppressant With Caralluma Fimbriata

Appatrol diet pillAppatrol is a weight-loss supplement that promises to control cravings, boost metabolism, and help you burn fat using natural, clinically-proven ingredients.

NaturaMedHealth, also states that it will help you achieve weight reduction without side effects, and achieve “real results… backed by science” – or so its website would have you believe.

When we say website we couldn’t actually find an official one – it appears to be promoted on the NaturaMedHealth’s own website.

Can this diet pill actually reduce hunger pangs while trimming your waistline?

Claims:  To help reduce appetite, reduce meal portion and stop the snacking cravings while burning fat.

Positives: Utilises natural ingredients and virtually side effect free

Negatives:  Doesn’t have an official website. A very weak compound.

How does Appatrol Work

Appatrol works primarily by suppressing the appetite and reducing food cravings. Tangential benefits like improved metabolism also contribute to the product’s fat-burning properties.

But while these claims are supposedly backed by clinical trials, no actual links to any such proof can be found on the company’s website, despite constant references to the its scientific legitimacy.

What are the Ingredients

There are three main ingredients in Appatrol. Caralluma fimbriata is the centerpiece of the pill, a plant identified by the manufacturer as a natural appetite suppressant in use for centuries in India.

To date, however, there is no proof that this plant actually provides this benefit, and furthermore, there is no proof that the amount present in Appatrol is enough to make an impact.

Also present in Appatrol is green tea, fairly ubiquitous in the world of diet supplements. And although the company provides reference to an article demonstrating weight-loss properties of green tea, it is not known whether the quantity found in this pill is sufficient to gain those advantages, or if it’s even in the proper form.

The only evidence of its quantity is a statement reassuring customers that the amount is low enough to avoid the side effects typically associated with products containing green tea – an amount that is likely to be ineffective at providing benefits as well.

Finally, the stimulant synephrine, derived from bitter orange, is included to increase energy, enhance metabolism, and assist in weight loss, but, as the company states, only enough to provide benefits without risking the side-effects common to other stimulant-based diet aids.

Whether this amount is truly sufficient to work is unknown; as with the other ingredients in this pill, the actual quantity of synephrine is unknown.

Press Coverage and Media Exposure

Appatrol has received the bulk of its attention from blog writers who regularly evaluate weight-loss pills and other dietary supplements, and the consensus among them is that this product is not likely to be very effective.

They cite the lack of ingredient quantities, failure to provide substantiation of weight loss claims, and the inability to find any scientific evidence that verifies any of the manufacturer’s statements, as reasons to avoid this product.

Appatrol Customer Success Stories or Testimonials

NaturaMedHealth conveniently provides some glowing testimonials on its website, with supposed users of the company’s product reporting astonishing weight-loss success. Are they to be believed? It’s hardly likely, but unfortunately, there are few reviews of this product available elsewhere for comparison, apart from the articles mentioned above.

This in and of itself indicates that the product is not very popular or attractive to consumers. One can imagine that if Appatrol did indeed deliver on the promises that it makes, there would be a great deal more feedback available.

Of course the manufactures would not put anything negative on the main sales page.

Appatrol Side Effects

One of the main selling-points of this product is that it doesn’t produce any negative side-effects.

The label does warn women who are lactating or pregnant to avoid the product, and also includes the vague message, “If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional”. Symptoms of what? Like so many other pieces of vital information associated with this product, NaturaMedHealth does not disclose this.

Does Appatrol Work

NaturaMedHealth throws around terms like “synergistic” and “clinically proven” to instill some faith in consumers considering making Appatrol a part of their weight management plan.

But it’s missing one key element that would go much farther in soliciting confidence than a bunch of marketing buzzwords – proof. And without knowing whether it features ingredients in quantities sufficient to generate results, or produce unwanted side-effects, there’s little reason to believe that such proof exists.

At a cost of around £30 / $50 for a 60 pill bottle, at a recommended dosage of 2-3 pills per day, and in spite of its supposed money-back guarantee, this is one investment whose cost readily outweighs its benefits.

Where To Buy Appatrol In the UK

We have not managed to find any trace of this product offline anywhere in the UK. There is minimal presence on the apart from the NaturaMedHealth website. There is not an website in existence which is rather odd to say the least.

If you are despearte you could always try eBay and Amazon – but we wouldn’t recommend it.

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